The Most Wanted Sale of the Year-Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The grand Thanksgiving Day is coming! It’s really a nice time for your wedding or attending your special occasions. Therefore it is rather necessary to purchase a distinct wedding dress, reception dress, bridesmaids and special occasion dresses.

Maybe you just wonder where is the fit place to find the suitable fabulous wedding dress and special occasion dresses, just listen to me! is your ultimate choice! There is good news that WhiteAzalea has a big promotion during this period. All customers can get a discount, 20% off for bridesmaid dresses and cocktail dresses, 30% off for Wedding dresses, mother of the bride dresses and prom dresses, and 40% off for the plus size dresses. And the promotion will last from November, 29, 2013 to December, 8, 2013. As the promotion for the Black Friday & Cyber Monday will be launched only 5 days left, you will get one or more gorgeous dresses with an acceptable price. What are you waiting for? Just take actions! Sizing the most wanted chance!

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20% Off for All Special Occasion Dresses – Last 5 Days

special occasion dress

Every girl concerns about the prom dress in a prom night if you are a teenage girl. But the expensive price makes them step back. Now, a good opportunity comes.Here comes the back to school time, and WhiteAzalea has a promotion from July, 23, 2013 to August, 23, 2013, 20% off for all special occasion dresses!



A prom night is a highly cherished occasion for all the young girls out there. Prom dress styles can be various according to different neckline, back, waist line, skirt design, dress length, fabrics, and embellishments. Prepare your party with WhiteAzalea, and find your best fit style Now. You will find the fashionable gown you want here, and they are all in low price and high quality.

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One Shoulder Pink Short/Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Summer is a so beautiful season that every things are brimming over with vigor and vitality. Many girls choose to tie the knot in this season. Then you have to plan your wedding ceremony and many other things. Apart from your wedding dress, your bridesmaid’s dresses are also a great thing to think of.

pink bridesmaid dress
If you have no ideas of your bridesmaid dress, here I will recommend a sweet dress for you. Just as the picture above, it is a one-shoulder A-line chiffon dress with asymmetrically pleated bodice. Because of its chiffon fabric, you will feel comfortable in it. They are 2 styles of this type dresses, one is short another is floor length. If you want a destination wedding or a dress that is easy to walk around, you can choose the short one. If you want a more traditional style then the long one is nice for your bridesmaid.

You can choose the style according your bridesmaids’s personal preference. Preparing your bridesmaids’s dresses may not so hard as you think, and usually it is full of lots of fun and interests.

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Promotion Launched by WhiteAzalea, 30% Off for All Products

Here comes the June, it’s really a nice season for your meaning wedding or attending for your special occasions. Then it is your high time to purchase your nice wedding dress, reception dress, bridesmaids and special occasion dresses.

May be you just want to buy your elegant dresses in excellent quality and reasonable price. Here come the chance! There is a good news that WhiteAzalea has a big promotion during this period. All customers can get a discount, 30% off for all the products, and the promotion will last from June, 7, 2013 to July, 7, 2013. We are honored to provide our customers with detailed categories of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, maternity dresses, chic prom and evening dresses, and plus size occasion dresses. As the promotion for the mid year is launched right now, you can get one or more gorgeous and elegant dresses with a much more acceptable price. Hope you can get what you want and enjoy your time here!

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Beach Wedding Dresses For Summer

Summer is a nice season for a destination wedding, especially when you plan for your beach wedding. When you’re at the beach you will feel relaxed and in good mood, and a beach wedding is no exception. However, opting for a appropriate beach wedding seems to be more challenging than selecting one for an indoor wedding.

The first thing you need to think of is the length of your dress. If you want a traditional floor length dress, remember that your dress may be dirty or wet in the process. If you do not mind it, just choose the long one you like. If you want to have a try on a totally different and casual look, you can consider a tea length or shorter gown.You also need to think of the heat, the sand and the wind.

If you want a long length beach wedding dress, I will suggest you the dress in the picture above. It is a spaghetti straps A-line satin and net wedding dress. Its main feature is its chapel train with lace appliques. It will make you more charming when you wear it, and it nice for you to take photos.

Remember that choose a dress that fits your style and your body type, and always go for a comfortable beach wedding dress.

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Alita Graham Wedding Gowns For Brides

Every girl dreams of that fairy tale wedding, with the flowing, white dress and all the traditional establishments, as a bride, you want everything to be just as you planned for your wedding day. A wedding dress is the most important dress a woman can ever buy and you want it to make you look better than you ever have before. A Alita Graham wedding gown can make you feel like infanta.

Alita Graham Wedding Dress

Alita Graham Wedding Dress

Alita Graham Wedding Dress

Alita Graham is one of Kleinfeld’s most successful exclusive designer collections. The dresses she made are well welcomed by many brides all over the world. Her dresses feature unique details such as original embroidery, swarovski crystals, pleated silk tulle and ribbon embroidered lace.

The wedding gowns she designed always give people a feeling of princess and purty. The picture above is Alita Graham’s 2012 collections. The most common dresses’s colors she made are white and ivory which are the most girls’s choices for their wedding. The collection caters to a broad range of brides from classic to modern and embraces all attitudes from romantic to dramatic. So many girls dream having a Alita Graham wedding gown because of their special design. May be it is a nice choose for your 2013 summer wedding.

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Hot Prom Dresses On Whiteazalea

Prom dresses say a lot about girls’s wearers. Girls every year buy prom dresses, and many of them choose safe options that are very similar to the style of everyone else. In fact, you can choose to be different and step away from the traditional prom dresses and opt for high low, cocktail or more unique designs.

High-low style prom dresses always are well welcomed by many ladies these years. It combines the the superiority of short and long styles. It almost suits all body types girls. Because of its short length in front, short girl will look taller in them and tall girls can easy to show off their charming legs.

And other picture is a short cocktail dress which is highly appropriate for petite. This sexy dress spell two colors and the sheath design is one that clings to the body and hides nothing concerning your figure. Little dress will bring you a feeling of cuteness.

Prom night can be one of your most memorable nights, so it is important to have a suitable prom dress. Formfitting prom dresses that flatter your curves and personality will make you look more stunning and elegant.

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Wedding Gown: High Low Fashion

If you are going to be a bride and you are looking for your wedding gown in the 2012 models, then you are out! You should look in front of time. If you are a girl who wants to be the most unusual one and attract the big attention of your guest, then the high-low style will be a perfect option.

High low wedding dresses become more and more popular in recent years. Many brides-to-be are glad to choose a beautiful high low wedding dress on their big wedding, because this design is normally quite special. It combines the advantages of the short and long gowns.

This high low design nearly suits any one. If you are slim and tall, your long and beautiful legs will be shewn off fully. But if you are not very tall, its short front design will make you taller. You can also choose this style with ruffles if you like, it will make you different and special. Here I do collection of two kinds of high low wedding dress, may you like them.

hi-lo wedding dress

hi-lo wedding dress

The first one is satin and organza sweetheart hi-lo wedding gown with pleated bodice and ruffles asymmetrically skirt. This style is tend to show off the bride’s elegance. Differ from the first dress, the second one is more like cute and good-looking. This dress is with handmade flowers and ruffles adorning the back of the short bubble skirt and sparkling beaded floral accents decorating the back chapel train. They are totally 2 different styles hi-lo wedding gowns. Believe that the high low style will build stunning brides!

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Different Styles Bridesmaids Dresses In Same Color

Leading up to your wedding, there are a lot of plans that have to be made. Usually one of the most spiny decision is what your bridesmaids should be wearing, such as which style and color they like and if it is the appropriate size for them and so on.

In fact, you can choose different style bridesmaids dresses in the same color, and especially if you plan to have a theme wedding. It is really a nice choice for bridesmaids of different sizes and ages. For example, a younger bridesmaid can choose a cute and short one, while a more mature or older woman may prefer a dress that more elegant or long length style. As for the dress color, it is according to your wedding theme and your bridesmaids preferences. For example, if you decide that for your summer wedding and you want all of your bridesmaids in a light green dress, then you can send out several different style dresses in the same shade and allow your friends to pick which dress looks the best on them.

green bridesmaid dress

green bridesmaid dress

green bridesmaid dress

The picture above is a green wedding theme bridesmaids dresses. They are new arrivals on WhiteAzalea. They are strapless sweetheart column long style, V-neck A-line short style and sweetheart A-Line short style. They are all made of chiffon so your bridesmaids will feel comfortable in them. Before choosing the style you  should think of their skin tones, hair colors and body types.

You can also give each bridesmaid her jewelry as a gift. In this way, every girl is wearing the same jewelry, which will tie them together in a united theme. If you want to see more bridesmaids dresses just visit our WhiteAzalea online store.

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Top Sellers – Lace Wedding Dresses

Women love lace, that is true. We are fond of lace products, such as lace scarfs, lace dress and lace shoes. No girls can resist the charm of lace, especially in picking her wedding dress. Lace gowns are always popular among brides because no other wedding dress can create so much elegance and feminine as lace wedding dresses can. Text I will introduce 2 kinds of top lace wedding dress from WhiteAzalea.

lace wedding dress

The picture above is one of the top sellers on WhiteAzalea, it is a lace mermaid wedding gown with gorgeous fishtail skirt and beautiful train. Because of its mermaid silhouette, it is good to show off your beautiful body figure, and the strapless design is nice to reveal your good-looking shoulder and collarbone. The floor length highlight the bride’s elegance. For the girls who are pear shaped should avoid this kind dress.

lace wedding dress
The second one is a lace ball gown style wedding dress. It is an elegant dress with ruching detail and beaded accents on fitted bodice. If you want a fair tale wedding, it will meet your mind. This style is particularly appropriate for pear shaped body. It tends to show your thin waist and hide your legs and brings a feeling of Snow White.

There are many different types of lace wedding dresses in the market or online shops. Every bride want to be beautiful and elegant in their wedding and which wedding dress you wear is the key to achieve that. Lace is nice to show off the bride’s pure heart, sincere and feminity. It is a great option for you if you want to be the most elegant bride in your wedding.

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